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7 Reasons to Consider Hosting Your Cloud In Canada


Thanks to Edward Snowden the cloud computing conversation has finally started in earnest in Canada, according to Even before Snowden seemingly shook up the cloud computing world there was already a strong case for setting up your cloud data center in Canada. Here are just a few of Canada’s advantages:

1. Climate: There is a reason Canadians call Canada “The True North, Strong and Free.” Canada’s northern climate makes it well suited to ambient air cooling (and other green alternatives), making your cloud greener and less expensive.

2. Geography: Canada’s location and size give it plenty of advantages in the context of setting up cloud data centers. Of course, Canada has the good fortune to be situated next door to the United States and its large, vibrant cloud market; and shares time zones with 49 states. In addition, Canada’s six time zones, and relationships with Atlantic, Pacific, and other nations, simplifies the provision of global service and support.

3. Education: Canada has a great education system with colleges and universities always willing to work with industry partners to ensure they are graduating relevant, employable students. Many of these colleges and universities are located near great locations for cloud computing data centers.

4. Cost of Living and Lifestyle: Many of the great Canadian locations for cloud computing data centers are in areas where the cost of living is much lower than in areas that currently host infrastructure of this nature; some significantly lower. And with Canada’s natural beauty and resources, these locations are often near a rich diversity of leisure attractions that range from mountain climbing, to skiing, to back country canoe tripping, to lounging on an ocean shore or a sandy beach. These prime cloud locations can be within minutes of more than one of these spectacular resources.

5. Work Ethic: Canada has a proud history of hard working, loyal people, with a cultural work ethic second to none. And many of the students who are about to graduate from the great educational institutions near these prime cloud locations would be grateful for an opportunity to live and work closer to their hometowns. The value of the goodwill and loyalty that would result from creating employment opportunities in these locations, and the positive impact on the local economies that would result, cannot be over stated. Furthermore, there is a great pool of talented, experienced people who have had to leave those locations to find employment, and who might not require too much convincing to return and take on more senior roles. People who grew up in many of these areas have a very strong tie to their homeland.

6. Canada is a Multicultural Nation: Canada is a land of many languages and cultures which can be drawn upon both for diversity in creativity, and in support of customers worldwide. Some businesses have already learned to leverage that and have established global service centers in Canada.

7. Employer Incentives: Regions that are eager to strengthen their economies often offer strong incentives to businesses that set up shop within their borders. In addition, government assistance can be made available for things such as training or research and development. Along with publicly funded healthcare and education there are many reasons for cloud computing (and a lot of other technology related businesses) to set up shop in Canada.

Businesses worldwide are beginning realize the benefits of cloud computing in earnest. So while Canadian CIOs and businesses are beginning to get serious about cloud computing I believe cloud computing providers should be getting serious about Canada. Come on up, eh. And give me a call when you get here. I’ll treat you to some Tim’s.

George is co-author of “The Innovative CIO.”
This blog is cross-posted at Cloud Storm Chasers.

One comment on “7 Reasons to Consider Hosting Your Cloud In Canada

  1. Howard Oliver
    March 14, 2016

    Agreed across the board. We are up in Toronto.

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