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George Watt

About George Watt

George Watt has been passionate about technology and innovation from a very early age and built his first “computer” out of cardboard somewhere around age 5. That passion has increased every day since, and throughout his more than thirty year technology career.

George led the design workshops that drove the creation of an innovative accelerator program for a multi-billion dollar technology company, and created and deployed its foundation artifacts and ceremonies. Throughout his career, George has delivered innovations of his own such as a knowledge base for a neural network-based predictive performance management solution, one of the earliest private clouds (2005), and a lightweight event management agent.

A transformative leader, George has spearheaded initiatives that have enabled businesses and global enterprises to address complex technology problems, deliver new business benefits, and drive millions of dollars in savings and productivity gains. George began his technical career as a systems programmer/sysadmin and systems engineer. He has held many national and global leadership positions, and has led global teams spanning North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

As VP of Strategy for CA Technologies Office of the CTO, he is passionate about helping budding intrapreneurs turn great ideas into viable businesses, and is responsible for the global scientific research, worldwide innovation initiatives, and the ongoing evolution of the accelerator program. George is co-author of “The Innovative CIO” and “Lean Entrepreneurship”, and tweets as @GeorgeDWatt.


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This site contains articles regarding the practical aspects of deploying, providing, managing, and using cloud computing, and other technologies. I also share my thoughts and experiences related to innovation, consumer driven IT, social media, management issues, and about what some refer to as “soft skills”.

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