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No Unicorns or Rainbows for Cloud Computing in 2014

?????????????????????????????As someone who suffers from an inability to predict the past I reluctantly agreed to stare into my crystal cloud again this year. As I prepared my 2014 cloud computing predictions (read the full list of predictions at here) something bittersweet occurred to me. The better cloud computing performs, the more business value it delivers… the less we hear about it. And the evidence suggests that cloud computing truly is performing even beyond the expectations of its proponents. In fact, I haven’t heard cloud computing negatively associated with unicorns or rainbows in a very long while, so it appears even some of the skeptics may be open to the idea that cloud computing can drive real business value.

Like our children, cloud computing has graduated from university (perhaps ahead of schedule) and it is ready to go out into the wide world. Like any proud parent, cloud proponents have high expectations that it will continue to over achieve. But we all know that even those who achieve well beyond expectations will likely encounter setbacks and obstacles along the way. We also know that, handled properly, these obstacles will make our child stronger and wiser.

Though I believe cloud computing will continue to exceed our expectations, at least for a while, I also believe that we won’t hear much about it. Well, at least those of us outside the industry won’t. Like the Wizard in “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, cloud computing will often be “behind the curtain” – an unseen benefactor. But the fact that cloud computing will often be in a supporting role doesn’t make it any less valuable.

The irony is that while the role of cloud computing will broaden, while cloud computing adoption will increase, while its importance and value will continue to rise, few will notice. (I explain why in the predictions article.) So perhaps cloud computing might retain some of its childhood charm as it assumes the role of the person behind the curtain. And that’s a very good thing.

I encourage you to visit where can read my predictions, and plenty of others, and join the conversation. I also welcome your comments here.

George is co-author of “The Innovative CIO.”
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