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Here’s to 2013, The Year of the Customer

Recently CA Technologies released our top IT predictions for 2013. There are, of course, many other interesting predictions from our customers, colleagues, and competitors alike. As I was about to close the book (or the browser) on that for another year I began to think about why we are predicting what we are predicting. What’s the driving force behind it all? I came to an encouraging conclusion.


It’s peeeeeeeeo-plllllllllle!

As Charlton Heston declared in the 1973 movie “Soylent Green“– “It’s people!” I might add, “finally!” Or, perhaps, “again!” It’s all about the customer. About the consumer. About the employee. While the consumerization of IT has been a trend for a while now, it’s much more than that. In fact, in 2013 it might be stated that the consumerization train has left the station. You can now choose whether you want to be on, or under, it.

In 2013 companies will begin to focus on engaging consumers (and employees) in compelling ways. Engagement will begin to drive changes in our approach to IT, some of which are already being seen through the likes of “mobile first” application development strategies. While I am not suggesting that every business will begin adopting this type of approach in 2013 (that will not happen), I do see evidence of the beginning of widespread preparation for these things; both consciously and subconsciously.

The compelling business value delivered by cloud and mobile solutions, and the consumer-led demand for both, has resulted in data moving anywhere and everywhere. With that comes a realization that we can no longer construct castle walls and moats around our data and applications to protect them. So ensuring the integrity of the identities of those who access the data becomes critical. What’s even more critical is that the approach to managing security moves from one of prevention to one of service enablement.

The common thread in all of this… It’s all about the consumer. It’s all about the experience. It’s all about engagement. And features such as location awareness and sensing provide opportunities to understand customers and employees like never before. We can now provide customers with exactly what they need, at exactly the time they need it. We can engage them “in the moment”, when they most need services, and when they are most likely to purchase them, and with a minimum of input or intervention.

Fortunately, as this movement gains momentum several disruptive trends are maturing, at least to the point where they can be applied in a useful business context; with mobile and cloud computing taking the lead, and big data closing in. So, I encourage you to take a look at our predictions, and others, and let us know what you think will happen in 2013.

*Image used courtesy of insaint via stock.xchng.

One comment on “Here’s to 2013, The Year of the Customer

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